time precious time

I like my schedule these days. It’s a good mix of lecture, clinical skills, and time off. Most days we’re worked 9 to 10 hours at school, and others we simply go in for the afternoon. In comparison to first year, I don’t feel quite as rushed and because of that I’m less stressed overall. The mornings off that are scheduled into our workweek are used by me primarily to finish homework that I have from the day before. Other students, use this time to shadow physicians or residents in the wards (something I hope to do more of once I get the chance), and then there are those who use the time to catch up on their daily routine (i.e. the chores and errands that tend to collect). Now that I have the experience of first year, I am beginning to see the value of the little time we are given between our classes, and I don’t think I have squandered it as much as I may have in the past. In fact, I have tried to stay on top of the work load and have even been able to start a couple of new projects (like this blog). In essence one the biggest things I have learned from last year is time management, and the importance of those precious few moments.


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