6 weeks to finals and counting…

Today marks the start of the 6 week countdown to finals.  I don’t think I have ever before in my academic career looked so far forward to an oncoming set of tests. With medical school I know that if I don’t keep an eye on what’s ahead I’ll be in trouble come exam time. The reasoning for preparing now for exams, to be held over a month away, is purely for stress prevention. With the workload increasing and promising not to let up before I write, it will be hard not have stress build. The key is to keep the stress constructive – keep it as a motivating factor instead of a debilitating one. I think I definitely work better when under a little stress, but also understand that there is that fine line between when it is constructive and when stress becomes overwhelming. With a little luck and some foresight I’ll keep my stress levels under control and go into exams well prepared.


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