Rainy days here again…

Apparently, to have an interesting blog you must never talk about the weather. I remember reading this somewhere and thinking that it would never come up. However, the weather here has been frightful and deserves mention. The winter rains have come with gale force and the West coast has been hammered for the past two weeks with storms. These have been severe enough to cause significant damage as well as compromise our drinking water. For the past ten days we have had to boil our water before drinking it. This is something I have rarely had to do in the past and something which is generally uncommon in this part of the world. It’s so uncommon that I think I, along with most around, were taken by surprise when the boil water advisory was broadcast.

It’s interesting to note the reaction people had to the boil water advisory. In some cases it was like blind panic. People rushed the stores for bottle water and bought as much as they could. Safeway and other grocery stores actually rationed how much bottled water people could buy. For myself, I was more affected by the fact that I couldn’t get a decent cup of coffee in the city for a number of days (In my caffeine saturated state it was dangerous to be cut off so suddenly). The storms will pass shortly and the boil water advisory will no doubt lift, but I think if nothing else the whole experience has been a wake up call. Our complacency has been shaken with how quickly our precious supply of water was compromised.


One response to “Rainy days here again…

  1. HA HA! We here in SASKATCHEWAN for once have better water than the ‘Big City’….Come one Come all to SASKATCHEWAN where the waters good and you can actually afford to own a house! 🙂

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