Finals 2006

Last Friday was our final lecture in the Endocrine block and signaled the start of the study period for finals. I have been thinking about finals for a  long time already, yet am still filled with anxiety at the thought of exams less than a week away. The schedule follows a frantic pace with 9 exams written over a 5 day period. The first exams are this Friday consisting of Anatomy (the dreaded bell ringer) and Histology. On Monday there are four exams, which include; Blood and lymphatics, Metabolism and Endocrine, Pathology and Family Practice. These are followed on Wednesday by GI, MSK and Clinical Skills. Each exam period has 3 hours allotted to it, with the exception of the first exams which only are an hour a piece. The formats of the test can differ but are for the most part multiple choice and seem to be geared so that there is at least 1 question / minute of exam time. The sad part is that this is the easy semester – things actually pick up next term!


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