The Winter Blues

January was a tough month and I’m not exactly sure why. I’ve begun to realize that I don’t like writing if there isn’t something positive to say and I have to admit that there wasn’t much that has been positive over the past month. I feel as though I need to break this habit and (perhaps in a cathartic way) write of the experiences good or bad. To this end I am hoping to establish more of a routine with this blog and commit to post at least once a week – good or bad. There are three more months until the summer and lots of stories that have been fermenting in the back of mind. It’s going to be a long three months but interesting and for the first time in a long time something I am really looking forward to. I know it’s cliche, but to know that there is an end in sight and a different set up in third year (i.e. we are finally out of the classroom and into the hospital) has bouyed my spirits and infused a new joy in me.


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