medical mnemonics

There are those naysayers out there that claim that creativity dies at this point in the semester as students desperately try to cram all the obscure factoids into already overworked brains in preparation for finals. I have to disagree with this. If you want creativity then look no further than the medical mnemonic. The simple memory aid becomes a work of art for some as they try and get the right balance of memory and verse. The mnemonic, in order to be successful, has to be catchy, not too long and (of course) easy to remember. A good mnemonic is well worth its weight in gold and can be a true Saviour in the time of need…here is the winner for this semester:

Here is the award winning (and clean) mnemonic for the suprahyoid muscles – thanks to Alex in the class of 2009:


(Digastric, Mylohyoid, Stylohyoid, Geniohyoid)

Want more? Check out the link below for all your mnemonic needs –


2 responses to “medical mnemonics

  1. As a student of mathematics, mnemonics have been very useful on occasion. Once in a class on the history of mathematics, a portion of euclid’s elements had to be commited to memory. Mnemonics came to the rescue, although by the standards listed above, the 2 page poem was not very useful! The best, most concise math mnemonic is Soh Cah Toa; Sine=Opposite/Hypoteneuse, Cosine=Adjacent/Hypoteneuse , Tangent=Opposite/Adjacent.

  2. Another fantastic site for medical mnemonics is medicalmnemonics4u(dot)blogspot(dot)com

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