It’s monday and I’m bored

Summer is officially here. The sun is out and birds are singing. The temperatures have finally peaked above 20C. I’m in a state of recovery, but it seems that there are those who are already bored of the time off. In fact my inbox has been filled with messages such as this one:

“I hope your first couple of days off have been relaxing, I know everyone deserves it. Anyway, I’ve done the whole visit with the parents thing, cleaned the apartment, spent time with the girlfriend and now I realized I don’t have anything to do! Anyone up for anything? I was thinking beach volleyball, roller blading, some hiking, poker …. anything?”

You can almost sense the desperation. It’s actually kind of funny in some ways. For the past month I’ve been waking up at 8am and either going to class or studying until 11pm (and I know there are those who work a lot harder). Then it’s over and summer is in full swing…leaving one with this weird sense of guilt for not being so busy. The art of relaxation has been lost completely. For myself, I find the first week the hardest as I try to rediscover the joys of doing nothing (or less, I should say). For those in the same situation – I suggest a deck with some sunshine and a Corona, turn off the brain and let yourself be content in the moment. If you can do this – the summer is yours.


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