A new year, a new leaf

School is back is session and has been for about a week now. One of the things I want to do this year is keep more of a regular schedule for blogging, and so, to that end, I will try and post at least once a week. I will aim for Friday afternoons but will post sooner if possible.

I think I want to start the new year of blogging with something positive. This is directed primarily at those currently studying medicine, or thinking about studying medicine (or even those on the outside looking in…which, I guess, includes almost everyone). Perhaps one of the most positive things about a career in medicine is the opportunity that exists within. I know I have mentioned it before but I want to expand a little here.

Medicine is an umbrella term for a large variety of different specialties with a similar goal at the core. Perhaps one of the most attractive things about medicine is the fact that you have the power to make your job into what you want. So, for example, if I want to do research, have a clinical practice and do surgery; there are options that could allow me to follow that dream. It may take some work, but it’s possible. What is different from my past experiences is that medicine feels more malleable, more flexible, more able to shape into something I want, or desire. There is simply more opportunity within Medicine to follow a passion and create something unique and this different from what I have seen anywhere else. I see this even while I am in school and it is exciting but it can be a little dangerous as well …

While in medical school I have found that there are a tonne of opportunities to follow things that you are interested in. For example, I enjoy research and have (prior to medical school) worked in a research lab doing basic scientific investigation. There is opportunity to do research while in school, and some (like me) work to that end. In fact, you do not have to look very far if you want to find something that catches your interest. The flip side is that each of these activities outside of school takes time away from what should really be the focus, i.e. the core classes. The last year of school I found that I had simply taken too much on and when it came to exams I did not do as well as I would have liked. Long story short I find myself repeating some of my second year courses while my peers have moved onto their clinical rotations.

So this year will be hard for me. I have lost some of my drive because of my poor performance (which was personally very disappointing) and also from the lack of social network I have this year (my friends are all scattered around in the various hospitals, meanwhile I’m with new classmates). Despite this Medicine is still an exciting prospect, but the focus is clear – to finish school in one piece. The new leaf for this year is a simple one, to focus on my studies with few distractions. The goal is the same as the year before, which is to succeed in a career which offers such a promise of opportunity.


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