4 weeks into the semester …

It’s hard for me to believe that a month of school has passed already, but it has. This was the last week for the GI block and next week begins the two week Blood and Lymphatics block. At this point in the semester summer memories are beginning to fade and people are beginning to settle into the routine of school.

It’s, in some ways, hard to write about the beginning of the semester of year two medicine because although there is a certain excitement about being back there is also a certain sense of routine (i.e. the novelty has worn off). Unlike the first year of class where people bend over backwards to welcome you to the school, the second year starts without fanfare. People are still in the summer mode, and less enthusiastic about being in classes – which has the effect of making the first couple of PBL sessions hard, as participation is low. A friend of mine in the class noted that he actually felt depressed to be back in lectures, as it wasn’t much of a change from the second semester of first year. I can relate to that in spades – the most difficult part for me is being stuck in lectures while the vast majority of my friends are working with patients and learning in a much more hands on approach. Regardless, things are progressing at rapid pace and I know from experience that the Christmas exams will come a lot faster than I expect. Meanwhile, it’s time to focus on the next block of study while looking forward to the Thanksgiving long weekend.


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