Flu ravages class …

Or so it would seem from the large numbers of empty seats, the constant snuffling from the back row and the sea of green faces at lunch time. It would appear as though flu season has arrived earlier than expected. Some in the class may lay the blame at the feet at one or two individuals that were sick at the start of the year and, either knowingly or unknowingly, infected several others on a class trip. Others think they picked up something from the various clinics they have to visit each week. Regardless of the cause I spend a portion of my day worried that some twit classmate will cough on me and start the cycle for me and my family. I’ll do my best to avoid it. I’ll no doubt arm myself with the latest in the cold fighting drugs, as well as overdosing on daily regiments of vitamin C and Echinacea. I may even try that “Cold Fx” that Don Cherry endorses (I mean if he says it works it must be good – right?). Maybe if I believe strongly enough that I won’t get sick I can stave off whatever germs come my way. There has to be a solution ’cause I feel kind of feverish and I think my nose is beginning to run…


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