Hematology Week 2

The material we covered last week was dense – full of red blood cell physiology, abnormal blood smears, and problems with loss, increased destruction or decreased production. We discussed the nuances of anemia, as well as the tests and diagnoses for various pathologies. It’s enjoyable but there was a stack of homework at the end of the week, which I still haven’t managed to work through. Unfortunately there won’t be a chance to catch up before Hematology week 2 starts, which promises to be just as heavy (work wise) as the first week.

Hematology week 2 covers bleeding and malignant disorders of the blood, which includes everything from hemastasis to lymphomas, leukemias and myelodysplastic disorders. I am thankful that this block is so well taught because it would mean a hell of a lot of work for the average student (like me) if it wasn’t. In fact two weeks just isn’t enough time to cover all the material that there is (and this is an understatement – I know). This is a comment I could make for almost every block – as it seems that we simply scratch the surface of a subject before we have to move on.


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