It’s like studying in a fridge …

The turning leaves across campus are signaling that autumn once again has arrived. This is in conjunction with a turn in the weather as the nights have become cool and the mornings crisp. Fall coats are being rescued from their closets, dusted off and worn with impunity.

This is also the season where the library makes its’ slow transition from summer to winter. I am positive that there is some administrator in charge of heat in the library who has deemed it inappropriate to warm the building before the end of October. At times I find it s like studying in a fridge. I suppose I could study at home but I find there to be way too many distractions. Depending on the day and subject studied I would rather clean house than crack a book. So – in order to get anything done, and to keep focussed on the material at hand, I tend to sequester myself in a small desk somewhere in the science library, which, like I say, is freezing this time of year.

I have tried alternatives. I have tried coffee shops and have ended up in wired debates without resolution. I have tried the theological libraries scattered about – my reasoning being that they don’t really have anything to study – right? I mean they probably only have one day of the week where they have to really prepare for – right? Regardless, I found it be way busier and way more rowdy than I was expecting. Kind of like the Arts library – which is really more like a coffee shop than a library. Nope – my preference is the old science library, not the new biomedical library with it’s cramped desks, and bright flashy looks. I prefer the musty smell, and general emptiness on the old science library. I just wished they’d turn up the heat so and give my chattering teeth a break.


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