MSK, week 2

Week 2 of MSK covers normal joint function, cartilage and osteoarthritis. In some ways it would almost be better to cover the cartilage before learning about bone because of the fact that bone originally forms from cartilage (to put it simply) and also that cartilage formation is an aspect of bone healing. Regardless, this week is better organized than last week (which isn’t saying much).

My impressions of the MSK block aren’t the best. It covers a lot of material and seems to be poorly organized overall. Key concepts are either unintentionally missed (“oops – we meant to cover that but didn’t”) or outright ignored (“Go look it up yourself”). I feel as though the material is not coming together as well as it has for the previous 2 blocks, GI and Blood & Lymphatics. My stress levels are climbing because of this and I know I am not the the only one. The others that I talk to in the class admit that they are feeling overwhelmed and a little frustrated. I haven’t reached the point of being overwhelmed … yet, but I will definitely have to put in some good book time over the weekend to make sure I am happy with where I’m at.


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