Endocrine, week 1

It’s the first week of the Endocrine and Metabolism block and I have a new PBL group to deal with as well as a new chunk of material to wrap my head around. The block runs 5 weeks and then ends a mere 5 days before the final exams start. The material covered is difficult but well taught as a class favorite (an excellent educator) is returning to head the block. My PBL group is a good one, for which I am thankful for – nothing worse that ending a hard block with a horrible tutor. Of the people in the group I am good friends with 4, which has never happened to me before, i.e. to have a group with such a large cluster of people that I like. the only downside is that we are way to familiar with one another which leads to some inappropriate, unprofessional comments being made. I don’t think our tutor will take issue but I’ll have to watch myself and make sure I don’t tell too many people to bugger off before the end of the semester.


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