5 weeks and counting …

…and for some reason I am dreaming of exam questions. I know finals are close and I know that I have been thinking a lot about the material but I am still surprised to find myself dreaming about actually taking an exam. It’s actually not that I dream about a specific test per se, but rather I dream of myself in a room with a desk answering questions about material we covered in class. The dreams are even disconnected from the material I may have been studying that night. For example – last night I studied endocrine but was having dreams about blood and lymphatics. It’s quiz style – “Describe primary vs. secondary haemeostasis”, and I tend to do ok, which I guess is reassuring. It is still a little disconcerting that not even is there that subtle break from school when my eyes are closed. The up side, I suppose, is that I have just doubled my study time (lol).


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