Endocrine, week 5

It’s the last week of class before finals hit. The schedule is still dense with lectures but thankfully some of the courses will take only a little time to wrap things up and do some year end house-keeping. Needless to say that the classes, coupled with the need to study for finals starting next Friday, make this an incredibly busy week. This is the time of year when personal hygiene seems to decline and facial hair increases. Want to spot a medical student in year 2? Look for someone wondering around the hospital who is a little shell shocked, smelly with a two week growth of facial hair…and yes this works as well for the women as it does for the men.

The material that we are covering this week is centered on the thyroid and all it’s wondrous effects. I would go on here but honestly I am too distracted at the thought of GI, anatomy, MSK, histology, pathology, family practice, clinical skills and the previous 4 weeks of Endo. Wish me luck ’cause it’s crunch time!


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