Neurology, week 1

brain-grayscale-02.jpgThe craziness continues as the work piles up, and I fall further behind. I shouldn’t complain, it’s just that I still have Christmas brain – that is to say, I still feel as though I am in holiday mode and haven’t quite hit the semester 2 groove yet. It doesn’t help that my partner keeps singing Christmas carols as she moves through the apartment. It’s January – dammit! Carols, like eggnog, have a limited longevity before they drive someone insane…and while we’re speaking of insanity, why not include all things related to the brain, as this was the first week of neuro. Awkward seguey aside I have now just started perhaps the heaviest academic block of the first 2 years of medical school, neurology / psychiatry.

Neuro promises to be one of the more difficult academic blocks in medical school. It is 9 weeks in length and covers materials that span several different fields of study. It has a language, a vernacular all its own, which further complicates things. I find myself not only learning the new language but also how to apply it in a theoretical and sometimes complicated way before I understand the basic definitions. The up side is that I find Neuro (and I’m including psych here as well) incredibly interesting. It is interesting from a philosophical view when you think of consciousness and the state of being; it is interesting when you look at the anatomical / histological structures; and it is interesting to see the effects of lesions in the clinic (although terrible for the patients). Neuro would be a field that I would consider if I had the brains (ha!) for it and it may be a specialty that is worth looking into a bit deeper. I had, perhaps prematurely, decided not to consider neuro simply from a lifestyle point of view. I was thinking that the workload of internal medicine wasn’t quite what I was interested in, but perhaps I need to revisit it and see if my assumptions are correct or not. Regardless, I need to focus on the here and now. The workload will only grow and I really need to buckle down and start catching up with the material we’ve covered so far.


2 responses to “Neurology, week 1

  1. I found a neat eye movement simulator from UC Davis that I think you will find to be really cool.
    Check out –

  2. Thanks Tim – I agree completely, the website is a great tool for learning the innervation of the eye and the problems encountered when there is a specific palsy.

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