Neurology, week 6

20061214_pain.jpgThis week was chronically painful…I mean covered chronic pain. To give the class an idea of what a patient suffering from chronic pain would feel, we were exposed to a PBL session guaranteed to induce a long bout of head banging. It wasn’t all bad – the lectures were, for the most part, pretty good, with the possible exception of the case wrap-up on Friday. It has sapped my strength to write because it’s left me with little positive to say.

One of the lecturers this week said something which summed up medical school:

The time allotted to a topic in medical school is inversely proportional to how often you will actually see it in practice.

The case in point was a 2 hour lecture on headaches and migraines this week…which is apparently all the class time I will get on the topic.

Aside from a pile of homework, I need to rank my choices for the rural practice lottery which closes Sunday. I figure there are two strategies to ranking the choices – one where you go for the true rural experience and the other where you go for practical experience. The “true rural experience” option would hopefully place me in the middle of nowhere with the advantage being that it would give me the most realistic idea of what it would be like to be a rural doctor. As an added bonus there are some pretty cool areas which would be fun to visit, and it could be the more memorable of the two options. The second approach is that I rank my choices according what I feel will give me the most “hands on” experience. In this case, I would rank the locations which are close to primary care centers the highest with the hopes of getting some decent practical experience before third year. I think I am leaning toward the “practical experience option” in order to brush up on some basic skills and gain some confidence for the wards in third year. I should know the results of the rural placement by Friday next week.


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