Neurology, Week 8


It was a short week this week as Monday was a holiday in what is labeled (at least on the schedule in front of me) as “Spring Break”. In this shortened week we covered mood and personality disorders in a flurry of lectures. By the last class on Friday I can say that I was left more confused about these types of disorders than the start of the week. The problem, for me at least, is that we have left the realm of definite explainable phenomenon and moved into the more subjective field of psychiatry. Psychiatry is fascinating in the sense that you have many different possible explanations for the same phenomenon with little evidence for any one in particular. There seem to be many hypotheses for the same disorder with no clear cut theory that brings it all together. This is fascinating as an observer but frustrating to deal with as a learner.

Aside from the regular lectures and labs, this was the week where third year begins to creep into the mindset. The class had several causal presentations about the format of the classes and the challenges present in 3rd year. Also, the results of the rural placements (considered to be part of the family practice component of 3rd year) were released giving many a sense of where they will be for a month in the summer. Although I did not get any of my top picks for the rural placement, I was happy nonetheless because I got placed into a smaller community that meets the criteria I was looking for (essentially – small, but not too small). The community is similar to the one that I was placed in last year and had received positive reviews from the class of 2009 overall. The preceptor that I am placed with is new, which means that there may be a bit of learning curve for the both of us, but aside from that I’m pretty happy about how it sorted out. This is especially true since a number of my friends did not even get their 30th choice – a problem faced when you have more students than preceptors and a rant that I will save for another day. After a long year of lectures there is finally something to look forward to and I can’t wait for summer!

The image is from Adbusters and is one of my favorites. See the rest of their spoof ads here.


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