Reproduction, Week 3

I don’t know what to say other than it has been a busy couple of weeks. I am currently trying to stay afloat of the classes I am currently taking while studying the classes I have finished. On top of this there is love, life and everything else which all require time, a resource in short supply right now. I am more focussed than I have been at any other point in the semester so far, which is feels good (it’s about time!).

In school the past couple of weeks have continued to cover aspects of Reproduction (primarily focussed on female health). Last week (week 2 of Reproduction) covered menopause, while this weeks material covered childbirth. Of the two weeks, there seem to be a large number of resources and groups dedicated to childbirth vs. menopause, even though far more women will experience menopause than pregnancy. Interesting …

Perhaps one of the neatest resources I came across this week was the childbirth video posted above. The short video is from a company known as Nucleus Medical Art, which specializes in medical illustration, animation and interactive media. The animation is one of the companies most popular having been viewed well over a million times on YouTube. It’s well done and makes the process of childbirth look graceful. Take a look and judge for yourself.

Other than classes, this is the time of year people begin to look forward to the third year of medical school, as rotation options for the clerkship year are now available for us to choose. The biggest decision at this point is whether it is better to do “the big three” (that would be paediatrics, surgery and internal medicine) first or second semester. Of the two 6 month semesters in third year, the one which has the “big three” in it is usually the harder of the two. Some students choose on the basis that they need to have experience in the smaller rotations (Psych, Derm, ER, Ortho, etc) to gain the confidence to tackle the larger, more intense ones. Other students would rather jump into the harder rotations first, when they have the most energy and enthusiasm for school (i.e. right after summer holidays). There is a third option available, which is the one that I’m leaning toward, and that would be to do the third year in a smaller community based hospital. The deadline for everything is the end of this week (hey that’s today!)…and the results will be out by the end of next week. So until then – I’ll keep you posted as to how things turn out.


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