Reproduction, Week 4

It occurs to me that winter is refusing to go this year. It’s hanging on, fighting spring with tooth and nail. I step outside yearning for a little sunshine but get, more often than not, more rain and cool temperatures. The winter season has seemed long and reflects the semester which is dragging on in excruciating slowness while passing at a frightening rate. That is to say that as much as I want things to be finished for the semester, I am dreading the coming exams.

Today was the last day of our reproduction block. Come Monday we start the last block of the year (Growth and Development) with a new group for PBL. I am hoping that the material we cover in the Growth and Development block is lighter than the other material that we have covered so far in the semester but I know it’s naive to do so. The Reproduction block had more material in it that I think I, or my peers, were expecting and has added another pile to the growing stack of paper that I need to review before exams hit in a month. It’ll get done by the end, it always does.

And it’s not all bad…in fact despite the growing piles of work and the approaching exams I am in pretty good spirits these days and I would guess that most of my friends are as well. I think the bulk of this stems from anticipating the summer and all the things it brings, such as the rural placement and a little traveling on the side. I also think that the goal of third year is a lot more real, a lot closer than it ever has been before and people are excited about this. I know that I am.

My excitement stems from the fact that I just found out that I got accepted to third year program offered by the school in a smaller community hospital. What this means is that a small group of students, six in total counting me, will complete their clerkship year in a community setting as opposed to working within the larger city hospitals. There are advantages either way, but given what I know about myself and learning habits I thought it would be best to work in a smaller center as opposed to the larger urban one. My excitement also stems from the fact that several of my friends also got accepted, which is an unexpected bonus in many ways. Confirming my placement this past week has buoyed my spirits and given me something to look forward to in the fall…but I am getting ahead of myself here. I had better go crack a book because there still much work to be done before the semester is over!


2 responses to “Reproduction, Week 4

  1. Congrats on securing the placement in the smaller hospital – from your previous posts it seemed like that is what you wanted most. Not being an MD, it continues to amaze me how much work you folks do. Keep up the work – you’ll get there.


  2. Thanks Tim – I appreciate the comment. As soon as I have a sense of what it’s like I’ll throw up the details.

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