Pediatrics, Week 1


This is the first week of the the last block of this semester … thank god. I’m actually at a loss of what to say as the weeks have begun to blur into one another. It really doesn’t matter whether its a weekday or weekend the schedule is pretty much the same give or take a couple of lectures. The routine centers around studying – with the goal of making it through the material a couple of times before the tests hit. Some, it would seem, are first pass, high yield types – who simply read the notes once and retain enough to write the exam. I am more of a multiples man myself. I need a good twice to three times through the notes before I feel confident. The first pass is always the most time consumptive and then I find I can focus on areas of weakness.

Aside from exam preparation there is little else going on. The rest of the class found out what their third placements were on Friday. The six of us who made it into the community hospital program were excluded from the draw, as our fate has already been decided. Still, for the rest of my classmates, Friday held a certain excitement as third year became that much closer. At this point in the semester you really take what ever you get that’ll motivate you to keep at it, to keep the focus, to maintain the discipline needed to push on through for another month. It’s all good – the end is in sight and there are exciting things in the not-too-distant future to look forward to!


2 responses to “Pediatrics, Week 1

  1. Keep goin’ man… your almost there.

    When you need a quick distraction from you mound of studies, you might get a chuckle or two out of this recent this Medical Illustrations Blog post about fictional skeletons .

    I just checked out some of the sites on your blogroll today – it’s a great collection, nice job.


  2. Thanks Tim – I enjoyed your post too!

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