Pre (Exam) Trauma Stress Disorder

Dx requires 7 of the following 11 criteria:

1. Change in bowel habits
2. Lid Lag
3. Decrease in fluid intelligence
4. Fine tremors
5. Day/Night reversal
6. Oligo unilateral phalangeal ink stains
7. Lassitude
8. Functional kyphosis
9. Alternating periods of delusional ideation/depression/euphoria/sense of impending doom/irritability
10. Serum cortisol > 550mmol/L

11. Refusal to perfrom Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs)

L CC, M KL. Diagnostic Criteria for Pre-Exam Trauma Stress Disorder. J. Procrast. 1(1) p.1. 2008

Bonus- This an example of:

a) Primary Literature

b) Secondary Literature

c) Grey Literature


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