Jill Bolte on the brain (from the TED talks)

Jill Bolte is a neuroanatomist who has dedicated her life to understanding how the brain works. She is an incredibly compelling speaker who is able to put complex ideas into terms that are easy for lay people, like myself, to understand. It would be interesting enough to hear her talk about her studies but what is perhaps even more interesting (if possible) is that she talks (in the video below) about her personal experience with a massive stroke. Imagine having the understanding to comprehend the processes of the stroke and the damage it is causing your brain as it is happening to you. To hear her describe it is absolutely amazing and it is worth watching. After finishing the Brain and Behaviour component of medical school I definitely have a new appreciation of the processes at play. To have someone so clearly articulate their experience with a stroke is a privilege. If the video doesn’t work try this link. I hope you enjoy it –


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