Stroke – part 2

Last week I posted Dr. Bolte talking about her personal experience with a stroke and the profound effect that it had on her. I think anyone who watches her TED talk can see how greatly it affected her. I find it fascinating how she describes the different hemispheres and the feelings associated with each. It is a rare privilege to get a glimpse into the process of a stroke from a patient’s point of view.

Today I wanted to follow up with an article I found on Neurophilosophy which not only describes the the processes that occur during a stroke but also the cutting edge research being done looking into the healing process. It is a much more technical, but no less interesting, point of view and may help clarify some of Dr. Bolte’s talk (or at least I found it added to my overall understanding). Regardless it’s worth checking out …

The blog is Neurophilosophy the post “researchers watch brain rewire itself after stroke” can be found here. Enjoy!


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