First day of 3rd year …

It’s the first day of class and I am wondering where the summer went. I don’t remember exactly when the days seemed to be shorter, or when the crispness entered the air but I’ve notice both lately and it fits with returning to class. My friends will probably laugh at this, but I admit I am excited. I slept last night like I was a boy awaiting the start of elementary school: restless with my mind racing. There are feelings of excitement coupled with anxiety. This is a week of orientation – to the hospital, to the role of the clerk, to the hospital computer system, etc. For the most part I want to get today, and the rest of this week over, as fast as I can because it’s not until it’s over that we’ll finally start what I have waited so long for … the clerkship year.

The clerkship year is in the third year of training, when the students finally leave the doldrums of the classroom and enter the hospital wards. It’s broken into several rotations which take the students through the different disciplines of medicine, such as: internal, pediatrics, surgery, dermatology, ER, ortho, psych, … The focus is clinical skill and integration of the knowledge gathered in the first two years of study. It promises to be an intense experience and is one that from the outside looking in, is both immensely exciting and frightening.

So now it’s time – I’m primped and pressed, and ready to go. I’m wearing my new school clothes and I’m out the door with lunch box in hand. This morning I’m meeting some friends before class for a coffee and then we’ll head over together. Here’s to the start of a great year!


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