Ortho Test

Done, done, done. It’s another box that has been checked off of the list – another exam down (4 of 10 this year). It is a good feeling to have it done and out of the way. It was more of a paperwork exercise than a test of what I know – which is frustrating. It is frustrating because I felt  as though I had put more effort into studying for the test, than the instructors had put in writing it. Throughout the exam there were spelling mistakes, poorly worded questions and vague answers. The kicker is that I ran into a friend who had the head of the department (the person who writes and administers the exam) as her preceptor for ortho, and this Dr. admitted to her that each year there are a number of complaints about the spelling and grammar of the questions. So the mistakes have been around for some time and yet, year after year no one has bothered to make a couple of simple corrections!

The second reason why I left feeling a little frustrated from the exam actually has nothing to do with the exam itself, but rather with the logistics of the program I’m in. The way that this year is structured has resulted in none of my exams being in sync with my rotations. So, for example, last week I was on Obstetrics where I was immersed in deliveries, C-sections, prenatal and post-natal care but I was studying for orthopedics – which is a completely different focus. I found myself trying to sneak in clinical orthopedic exams into the pregnancy assessment.

“Yes Mrs Smith – your cervix is dilated at 2 cm and you are having regular contractions. Now would you mind if I assessed the ligaments in your knee?”


“Yes – that delivery went fine. The baby is healthy, there is no tear that needs to be repaired but I thought there might be some strain in your elbow from that last push so I better take a look at it…”

Next up is my Internal Medicine exam, which comes in the middle of my …. Psychiatry rotation.


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