I have not been particularly interested in pursuing medicine that deals with the elderly. I have (to be honest) not had any good exposure to such medicine while in school. The lectures that I have attended have tried to emphasize the  and promote the positives, but the clinical aspect is usually based out of some kind of institution where the elderly are senile, demented and generally worse for wear. This is, almost the complete opposite of the image that we get in the lectures.  It’s not pretty, in fact it’s down right frightening at times … Regardless of how I feel, more emphasis should be put on the elderly in medical school given that in North America this is a population which is increasing. Creativity is needed in the presentation…such as can be found in the incredible photo-essay “Days With My Father” by Phillip Toldelano.  The photo-essay is sad and yet humorous, it makes one see into the elder Mr. Toldelano’s past, and the life he lead, as compared to the life he leads now. Phillip Toldelano has accomplished what the medical school lecturers failed to do, which is to make the face of aging look human.


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